Call For Photos

For our November 1998 To Tell The Truth event in Rhode Island
and for future events,
Survivor Connections plans a

Wall of Photos
of sexual assault survivors

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We are NOT AT ALL looking for any sexually explicit photos, just regular photos that show that we the survivors are real people, real children or adults who were violated. Those interested in submitting a photo of themselves, at around the age they were sexually abused, for us to use as part of this publicly displayed wall, should send one LASER COPY, NOT THE ORIGINAL, since photos will not be returned. Please send or submit just one photo. Send the signed permission form below with it.

Please mail the one unwanted photo or laser copy of the photo, with the signed permission form below, to

Survivor Connections, Inc.
52 Lyndon Rd
Cranston, RI 02905-1121 (United States)

Notice: The original photo you send to us will ultimately be destroyed. We will not send it back.

Alternatively, you may send a scanned photo of yourself in JPEG format via email to Kate Huard

Permission form
Copy, print, and snail mail.

I give permission for Survivor Connections, Inc. to use my photo or a copy of it in their Wall of Survivor Photos, which is to be displayed at their 1998 To Tell The Truth event in Rhode Island. I also give permission for Survivor Connections to use my photo or a copy of it in other similar events of their choice at any time in the future. My name will not be used, nor will I be identified in any way except for the display of my likeness as that of a survivor of sexual assault. I understand that the photo will not be returned to me; it will be destroyed when Survivor Connections is no longer using it. Survivor Connections is under no obligation to display the photo or the copy of the photo that I send.

Printed name __________________________ Signature _____________________

Date signed _________________________

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